solar panels on the roof of the Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

In 2019, we completed a record number of solar installations, nearly 140 in Massachusetts alone. The benefits of these installations are significant, both for our customers and the environment.

Going forward, the arrays we installed in 2019 will produce approximately 2,463,552 kWh of clean, green electricity annually.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, this solar electricity production offsets 1,742 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. That’s the annual equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions from 396 passenger vehicles or the burning of nearly 10,000 tons of coal.

Covering Household Energy Use

7 solar panels were added to this homeowner's existing array to cover their energy usage. Installation by My Generation Energy, Cape Cod Massachusetts

This homeowner added 7 panels to their existing array in order to better cover their energy usage.

While My Generation Energy customers invest in a clean energy future and help advance renewable energy goals, they also save money by eliminating monthly electricity bills.

Some of last year’s residential arrays were quite small. For example, a 7-panel add-on to a main system helped one household fully cover its increasing electricity usage, and a new, 10-panel system was just right to cover the needs of a family using a modest amount of electricity.

The majority of residential installations generally ranged between 12 and 35 panels to fully cover household energy usage. These included six installations through a community partnership between My Generation Energy and Habitat for Humanity Cape Cod.

Our average residential system size in 2019 was approximately 7.51 kW generated by 22 panels.

Reducing Small Business Expenses

solar panels on the roof of the Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Orleans favorite The Hot Chocolate Sparrow went solar in 2019 with a 20 kW array

In 2019, My Generation Energy also installed systems to help a number of small businesses, a church, and a local nonprofit reduce and even eliminate their electricity expenses.

These systems ranged in size from a 30-panel, 10.05 kW array to a 149-panel, 50.13 kW array.

Finally, My Generation Energy built several larger-scale systems last year. Two were mounted on the roofs of industrial buildings, while one was a ground-mounted array.

These systems will provide financial returns to investors while generating nearly 1 million kWh of clean power each year going forward.

On Track for 2020

Even with today’s Coronavirus health crisis, My Generation Energy is on track to meet or exceed 2019 installations this year. During times of uncertainty, many people look for ways to be more independent. Solar helps protect your home or business from fluctuating energy prices. Plus, the financial incentives for both residential and commercial projects continue to be strong. And solar loans can make solar more affordable.

If you’re ready to explore going solar, please contact us for a no-cost, no-contact site assessment. Be well!