The Importance of Professional Development in the Solar Industry

Many people ask us what we do when it’s dreary outside.  Like any outdoor profession, My Generation Energy’s team of solar installers face challenges when it comes to inclement weather, particularly on rainy or snowy days. We see weather challenges as an opportunity to make progress even when the sun isn’t shining.

Training and Development

Inclement weather provides the chance for our solar technicians to focus on their professional development. When they can’t be on the roof, they use their time to participate in training sessions, workshops, or safety seminars to enhance their skills and knowledge. This commitment to ongoing education allows My Generation Energy’s team to stay up to date with the latest industry standards, technology, and best practices, ultimately leading to improved performance on future solar installation projects.

When the weather forecast is less than favorable, My Generation Energy’s installation crew can be found taking industry certification programs to keep up to date with constantly changing solar technology.  Their knowledge is essential for our success in the field.

The Importance of Training

Solar training programs cover a wide range of topics, including product knowledge, installation best practices, system design, and troubleshooting. With consistent education and training, our solar installation team receives their certification, validating their knowledge and ensuring My Generation Energy’s commitment to installing quality solar energy systems.

The Benefits of Training

Product Knowledge

Certification programs provide our team with a deeper understanding of microinverter technology and storage solutions, including their features, benefits, technical specifications, and technology updates.  This assures that every system that My Generation Energy installs is done right.

Installation Best Practices

At My Generation Energy, we are continuously on top of the best practices for installing and commissioning systems.  Our team can rely on their advanced training during an installation project ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.


In the rare instance that solar panels need service work,  our service team is able to quickly diagnose and resolve issues, minimizing downtime and disruptions to your system.

While rainy days may temporarily hinder outdoor solar installation work, they provide our crew with valuable opportunities to enhance their skills. By making the most of these gray days, My Generation Energy is well-prepared to deliver efficient, high-quality solar installations once the weather clears.

If you’re considering going solar, contact My Generation Energy.  With our team of certified installers, and our commitment to providing excellent service, you’ll be confident in knowing that your solar installation is in good hands.

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