Can You Install Solar Panels Yourself in Massachusetts?

Solar energy can bring a great deal of benefits to homeowners here on Cape Cod, such as reducing or eliminating your electricity bill. However, the initial start-up cost of residential solar installation can be intimidating. That leads many homeowners to want to purchase solar equipment and install it themselves, but is installing a solar panel system yourself actually worth it? 

At My Generation Energy, we understand the importance of maximizing your savings when it comes to upgrading your home to solar. We also understand that solar installation is a complicated process that requires knowledge and experience. 

Keep reading to learn more about DIY vs professional solar installation in Massachusetts. 

Can I Install Solar Panels Myself? 

While it is possible to install solar yourself, there are many benefits to professional solar installation. DIY solar may seem like the cheaper option, but it’s a complex process that can very easily go awry. When it comes to considering solar for your home, you’ll want to take the cost, installation, and performance into account. Here’s how DIY solar panels and professional installation compare:


Installing solar panels yourself can save you on the cost of labor-however, labor only accounts for about 10% of the total for solar installation. There are many additional fees that are usually included in professional installation that you will be responsible for, like the solar equipment, materials needed for installation, and the permitting fees. If you plan to connect your solar system to the grid, you’ll also need to pay for inspections before you complete your final hook up.

At My Generation Energy, we handle all the paperwork for you to get your solar system permitted and connected to the grid. Our team can even help you find and qualify for several solar incentives to make the start up cost of solar installation more affordable! From federal tax credits to local net metering, My Generation Energy is knowledgeable on what incentives are available to Cape Cod residents and can make the process easy.  


Installing solar isn’t as simple as placing the panels on your roof. The solar panel installation process involves heavy lifting, electrical work, and climbing on your roof-all of which is dangerous work. You can also cause serious damage to your roof, leading to costly repairs and potentially ruined equipment. Without the knowledge and experience of a professional solar installer, you’re taking a risk for both your personal safety and the structure of your home. 


Poorly installed solar panels don’t perform well and there are many factors to take into consideration to maximize the performance of your system. The team at My Generation Energy evaluate a variety of factors before every solar installation, such as:

  • Location – Where your home is located along with the angle and direction of your roof are both crucial to determining the best spot for solar panel installation.
  • Energy Usage – Understanding how much electricity your home needs is important for designing your system and getting the most out of solar energy.
  • Sunlight Hours – In order to optimize your electricity production, you need to place your system where it will receive the most sunlight, regardless of the time of year.

Based on our findings from a site analysis, our team will give you a detailed report that allows you to choose the best solar system for your home. 

The Benefits of Professional Solar Installation

My Generation Energy has been in business for more than 14 years, installing over 1,200 residential and commercial solar systems throughout Cape Cod and The Islands. Our team of experts can design a custom solar solution for your home and be there with you for the entire process-we even help with continued monitoring long after your solar installation is complete. 

Our team goes above and beyond the minimum code requirements for solar installation to give you a system that will produce free electricity for years to come. Using the best solar equipment available, My Generation Energy provides start-to-finish service-meaning we’ll be there with you for every step of the process.

Get professionally designed & installed solar panels today with My Generation Energy. Call 508-694-6884 or contact us online.

DIY or professional solar installation? Find out what’s better for your home

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