Customer Experience

Customer Experience

"I am thrilled with my production numbers and continue to spread the word about Solar Energy and, of course, My Generation Energy."

Lynn L.
Harwich, MA

"After having owned PV solar panels on my roof for a decade and understanding all the benefits, including ZERO maintenance, I decided to fill the gap between my usage and the amount the array provided.  Back in 2006 I installed the largest array I could under the then current government allowances but did not meet 100% of my usage.  Learning of the recent incentives for going solar, I contacted My Generation Energy (and various other companies) to again weigh the benefits of expanding my system plus the own vs. lease options.  As an owner, I again was totally convinced owning was the way to go, not leasing.  My Generation Energy worked with me, explained all the current issues/incentives and designed/installed a system that for most of the year (not likely in Nov-Jan months) would meet 100% of my needs.  They professionally installed the new system in just over 1/2 day and had it activated within a few weeks.  BEST thing is:  I have not paid an electric bill since March 2016, now being early Nov 2016.  Nice working with all the professionals at MGE!"

Phil B.
Brockton, MA

“I can highly recommend these folks. They submitted an accurate and detailed design plan, followed through on schedule with construction and installation, held to the quoted price for the system, assisted with paperwork to get it registered for generation credits... I only wish I had more roof area to come back with additional panels!”

Cleo Z.
Falmouth, MA

“I wanted to say how happy I am with the way the job was run. It set a new standard for neatness. Truly professional!"

Bob B.
Orleans, MA

“We are pleased with the project and with all the communications and dealings we have had with My Generation.”

Bill B.
Brewster, MA

"Going solar was a simple decision for us really. We can reduce our energy usage and carbon footprint for decades, all while freeing up capital to invest in other areas of our business for the future. The process from consultation, system and building specification to installation was quick and painless, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision!"

Hot Chotolate Sparrow
Orleans, MA

"I was recently discussing my experience with solar energy with a friend, and it led me to want to review the performance of my system. So I pulled the calendar year of data from the Enphase site, and compared it with your original forecast from December of 2014.

Your predicted output: 13,225 kw/yr

My actual output for 2016: 13,324.854

That's a deviation of 0.75%, and in the good direction.


Larry R.
Falmouth, MA

"My Generation Energy is a highly efficient organization with a knowledgeable team that is easy to talk with. They have a small town business philosophy, yet are as effective as a large corporation. We never felt lost in a corporate shuffle. MGE is a totally coordinated team of specialists, installers and financial advisers. This venture is helpful to us economically while at the same time being environmentally friendly."

Jerry H.
Truro, MA

"Love our solar, it's like printing money!"

Pat E.

“After hemming and hawing for well over a year, much information gathering, two things happened. One of my friends told me how he did not have an electric bill and how ecstatic he was and my banker (who supplied the some funding) told me that it was a "no brainer", we decided to "go solar". While the project got underway, I had severe buyer’s remorse wondering just what did I get myself into.  After, the installation was finished and the system turned on, I couldn't believe how much savings there was not even considering what an SREC was. My thanks to the My Generation Energy staff for a beautiful, efficient solar energy system, efficiently and professionally installed.  Follow up issues have been always solved quickly.”

Don W.
Brewster, MA

"Oceana’s solar panels enhance the value of the property and provide electricity all year. In summer the electricity generated covers all of our electrical needs."

Orleans, MA

"After researching several local solar companies, I am thrilled to have chosen My Generation Energy.  Andrew Wade and his team were consistently courteous, helpful, attentive and knowledgeable. They made the entire process easy end enjoyable. Not only were they the most competitively priced, they filled out all of the necessary paperwork needed to secure a solar loan and to record output in order to receive SREC checks. The system they designed has brought me to net zero status.  Each day I delight in not only seeing the savings I am incurring by going solar, but also in doing my part to be more green.  I will be forever grateful to Andrew and his team, and would recommend My Generation Energy to anyone looking to purchase solar."

Bev B.
Brewster, MA

“March [2016] marked one full year of paying $0 for my electricity (the first year I’ve had the panels cover my full use!). And since I also made over $2000 in SRECS, I definitely have no complaints!! I love My Generation Energy!!  And I love my solar system.  It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made and I couldn’t be happier.”

Judith B.
Orleans, MA

“When we were building our new home in Chatham, My Generation Energy made the design and installation of our photovoltaic system simple and easy.  They offered us different designs; the one we chose allowed us to install the solar panels without them being. We added a few additional panels this year to account for unexpected electrical loads.  Now our system is more than cash flow positive after accounting for the sale of SRECs.”

Jeff B.
Chatham, MA

"I went with My Generation Energy after having a bunch of companies give me quotes and try to lease me their panels. I bought my panels so I would save the most money I could. Andrew Wade was the person I dealt with - he was not pushy and was very informative. He also he had the most powerful panels which meant I would get the most for my money. If you’re not sure about going solar do the math, the only thing that could have went better is putting the panels on my roof sooner!!" 

Wayne T.
Brockton, MA

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We provide start-to-finish full service. What does that mean? We assess your solar potential and clearly explain the financial benefits you can expect. After you decide what’s best for you, we do the rest. Hundreds of customers across the region are thrilled with their decision to install solar panels with the team at My Generation Energy.


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