Solar Installation for South Shore Massachusetts

Upgrade to free renewable energy with the leading solar company for South Shore solar panel installation and services.

Why pay more than you have to for energy to power your home or business? What’s more, why use outdated energy sources from fossil fuels that can damage Norfolk and Plymouth County’s beautiful natural resources? Now that solar is cheaper than coal, it’s time to go green—and My Generation Energy can help!

Homeowners in Kingston, Duxbury, Pembroke, and other towns on the South Shore of Massachusetts have relied on My Generation Energy’s solar services for over 10 years, thanks to our commitment to quality and excellent customer service. In 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 Solar Power World named us one of the top solar installers in Massachusetts!

Looking to upgrade your South Shore home with residential solar installation? Learn more about the solar services available from My Generation Energy.

Residential and Commercial Solar Installation, Solar Battery Storage, and More for South Shore, MA Homes and Businesses

From the very beginning of your solar journey to helping you maintain and extend the benefits of your solar panels for years to come, My Generation Energy is here to help. As a residential and commercial solar provider, we’ll work with you to help understand your current (and future) energy needs, and find the solar panel system that’s right for you, including both rooftop and ground-mounted systems.

One of the reasons why we’ve established a reputation as the South Shore’s go-to local solar company is our attention to detail. From the panels themselves to things as small as wiring and screws, we don’t cut corners and take the time to make sure that your solar energy system is designed and installed to function perfectly for years to come.

We’ll also help you take your South Shore solar energy to the next level, including finding the right solar battery storage system for increased energy independence, backup power potential, and savings. And even if your home’s solar panels weren’t installed by us, we’re happy to step in with maintenance and additional services, like repairs or upgrades, and even add on accessories like critter guards and snow clips.

Save More with Massachusetts Solar Incentives

If you’re on the South Shore, solar for your Massachusetts home or business is one of the best financial decisions you can make because the state offers so many great solar incentives. When combined, these incentives can save you thousands of dollars on your upfront solar installation costs, and then continue to save money by benefiting both from free renewable solar energy for your home or business as well as incentives like the SMART program where you actually get paid for the energy your system produces! My Generation Energy can help you navigate through the many ways to save and help you find an affordable solar solution.

State Incentives

Beneficial Net Metering Regulations

Receive full credit for electricity value

MA: Income Tax Credit of 15%

$1000 cap

Property Tax Exemption

On system value for a term of 20 years

Sales Tax Exemption

On all equipment

MA: Solar Battery Incentives

Massachusetts residents and businesses get cash for solar battery usage

Federal Incentives

Federal Tax Credit of 30%

Applied to total cost of system with no cap.

MACRS Depreciation (Commercial)

100% first-year bonus to speed up ROI

South Shore Customer Spotlight

All went great. Responsive design team. Largest system of 4 companies that provided a quote. No trees had to be removed. Clever location of panels to minimize number of roof areas needed. Absolute best team on Cape Cod.

Karl K.

Explore our full range of solar services:

Residential Solar

Learn about the benefits of solar for your home and the solar incentives to make owning solar affordable. 

Commercial Solar

Got a business? Check out our Commercial services and Nonprofit partnership.


Never lose power again! Check out our Solar Battery options.


Need Maintenance for your existing panels? We can service and maintain them, even if we didn’t install them!

Community Solar Gardens

Do trees shade your entire roof? Check out our Community Solar Gardens.

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