Solar Services & Maintenance

Solar upgrades can protect your array, and maintaining your solar panels will keep your system operating at high performance for decades to come. Learn more about the services we offer to benefit your home’s energy usage.

About solar panel maintenance services

Solar panels can last up to 25 years and rarely need maintenance. Plus, in the unlikely event something goes wrong with your panels, your system is often still under a long term warranty.

As your system approaches the end of its productive life, or if something unusual does happen that needs attention, My Generation Energy can help you keep your solar panels (as well as your solar battery storage system, if you have one) in working order.

Contact us today if your solar array needs service, or to learn more about our solar panel maintenance offerings. Below we highlight a range of our solar panel maintenance services – everything from buying or selling your home with solar, to system repairs, to solar protection accessories and even re-roofing.

Solar PV system transfers

Have you recently bought a house or building that already had solar panels installed, and are looking to be brought up to speed on how everything works? My Generation Energy offers a number of services to make the transfer process easy, including:

Take advantage of the benefits of solar power

Solar incentive transfers

Looking to make sure you’ll benefit from all of the same money-saving solar incentive programs as the previous owners? We’ve got you covered.

Solar Value report

Are you selling your home and looking for specific data about your system and its value? We’ll put together a comprehensive solar value report that your real estate agent can use. Homes with solar panels installed sell for an average of 4.1% more than those without – let us help you maximize your home’s value.

System orientation
& inspection

We’ll walk you through the basics of your new solar energy system, and our team of solar professionals can also conduct a on-site visual inspection to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

System repairs, replacements, and assessments

If there’s something that needs to be replaced or addressed with your solar panels, you can call My Generation Energy.

From microinverter replacement to wiring repairs, trunk cable replacement, and even critter nest removal, we can help with any solar repair. That includes removing and replacing solar panels that may have been damaged by an event not covered by your warranty.

If you bought your solar energy system from us, we’re here to help, and can run a system assessment to make sure your system is operating properly.


Solar panels are so reliable that sometimes your roof will end up needing work done to it before your solar energy system! If you’re having roofing or shingle work done on your home, we can remove and reinstall your panels, giving you one less thing to worry about in the middle of any important home improvement projects.

System Monitoring

Some homeowners are very interested in closely monitoring their solar energy system and how it’s performing. Others are happy to sit back knowing that they’re getting their money’s worth. My Generation Energy is happy to conduct annual on-site system checks, run quality monitoring reports, and more. If you want to know how close you are to recoup your original investment in solar, our team will crunch the numbers for you.

Solar accessories and add-ons

Protect your panels and your home with solar add-ons from My Generation Energy.

Take advantage of the benefits of solar power

Critter guards

Sometimes squirrels, chipmunks, and other pests get it in their heads that your solar panels would make a perfect home and there’s little you can do to convince them otherwise. Critter guards keep unwanted visitors away from your panels and protect the wiring under the panels from damage.

Snow guards & clips

Snow and ice suddenly falling off your panels can be inconvenient at best, and even dangerous if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. Did you know the average solar panel can hold up to 800 pounds of snow? Snow guards help control snow from sliding off your panels all at once, creating a safer winter environment for you, your family, and your home.

Cellular modem & ethernet bridges

Having trouble getting consistent monitoring data from your panels? We’ll handle the internet tech side of things and make sure that your system can reliably provide you with the information you need about your solar array’s performance and output.

Quality solar panel maintenance near you

Your solar panel system should be low in maintenance and high in performance. If it’s not, you need a solar panel maintenance company with customer service you can trust. Having installed hundreds of solar panels throughout Cape Cod, Greater Boston, South Shore, and South Coast, our team of solar energy experts has the expertise and experience to help keep your solar panels operating for years to come.

Having an issue with your solar panels and not sure who to talk to? Call 508-694-6884 or contact us today and find out more about our solar panel maintenance costs and services.

How can we help your solar PV system?

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