Solar Energy: An Investment That Pays You Back

In recent years, the global push towards sustainable energy sources has led to a surge in the adoption of solar power. As technology has advanced and costs have decreased, solar energy has become an increasingly attractive investment for individuals and

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Installing Solar in Time for Peak Energy Production

Did you know that mid-spring is when solar energy production is at it’s highest?  That’s why installing solar panels before this peak production period can be a smart decision for maximizing the benefits of solar energy. Here are some key

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How to Pay Less for Electricity

We need electricity for everything. You may even need it to charge your car!  From appliances and air conditioning to TVs, computers, cell phones, and illuminating your home or business—all that energy usage can mean higher energy costs. But did

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Buying Solar When Interest Rates Are High

Investing in solar energy has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike, offering numerous benefits such as reduced energy costs, environmental sustainability, and potential financial returns. However, one factor that often influences the decision to install solar

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