Celebrating Solar Amidst Antique Cars at My Generation Energy’s 3rd Annual Equinox Event

Approximately 150 people filtered into the Heritage Museum and Gardens on a sunny Sunday afternoon in March.  They gathered on the Vernal Equinox which marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.  The group has more than doubled in number since last year, reflecting the increased popularity of solar in Massachusetts.  Everyone at this party is either a customer of My Generation Energy, or an employee.  Because solar is something worth celebrating, Luke Hinkle, President of My Generation Energy, invited all of his customers out for a laid back afternoon of fine drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and interesting conversation.

The event took place in the Antique Car exhibit, a rustic yet elegant two-story round barn that houses a diverse collection of antique automobiles.  Long curvy sheets of painted metal flowed over chrome wire rims and white wall tires.  Large round headlights and smiling grills gave human expression to the cold heavy autos that were backed up against the round walls of the barn.  Each car had its own placard, introducing the reader to a brief history of the automobile and its unique characteristics.  Similarly, each guest at this party was given a name tag which also listed their cumulative solar energy production.  It made for an interesting game, comparing each person’s amount of kilowatt-hours produced.  Some boasted huge numbers, as they had invested in large commercial projects.  Others had very low numbers, as they had just recently purchased their solar array.  No matter the number on their chest, everyone could feel good about taking their own step towards energy independence.

People mingled, alternating between food and drink, reading car placards and conversing with fellow solar pioneers.  Some test drove the electric (solely) powered car provided by Nissan of Bourne.  And at the end, everyone was sent home with a bar of handmade, Solar Citrus soap by Ed’s Honey in Plymouth.  It was a pleasant event, surely to be repeated next year.

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