Chatham Commercial Solar Installation: Cape Cod Solar Energy

Chatham commercial solar installation by My Generation Energy This Cape Cod commercial solar installation on Chatham Works’ roof will save its owner nearly $11,000 on electricity every year! And by generating 32,159 kWh of clean energy annually, it will also offset the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by 5 cars driven for 1 year each.

Chatham Works is a unique blend of fitness center, coworking space, and retail shopping in the heart of North Chatham.

Reduce your operating costs

Solar can help Chatham business owners lessen their carbon footprint, but it can also save them a lot of money. For example, states that the average commercial property owner can reduce electricity bills by 75% with solar. For small businesses, that number may be even higher.

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Affordable solar

Federal & state governments provide irresistible incentives to businesses that go solar. Companies that complete solar installations in 2020 receive a 26% federal tax credit. In addition, accelerated depreciation (MACRS) provides even more benefits.

Green your business

The financial benefits make going solar a no-brainer for businesses, but lowering your company’s carbon emissions is just as important. In addition, customers prefer environmentally friendly businesses. According to Forbes, “consumers are looking for more environmental accountability from companies, and some are willing to pay extra for more sustainable products.”

The bottom line

Commercial solar provides plentiful utility savings and a leg up on the green business movement. Thus, Cape Cod businesses like this one in Chatham are wise to consider it.

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