Commercial Solar Leasing: Earn Cash from Extra Space

If you have a large commercial or industrial building and want to make some extra cash without any capital investment required, commercial solar leasing might interest you.

Commercial solar leases are agreements that allow business owners to lease their roofs (or other unused property) for solar installations. Thus, extra space can deliver an additional revenue stream at absolutely no cost to the business owner.

As noted, the lessor isn’t responsible for any payments or maintenance. Installation is completely free of cost to you. That said, you won’t get all the tax benefits of owning the system. You will, however, receive either a discounted rate on electricity or a straight cash payment for the next 20 years.

If exploring a solar lease interests you, there are a few things to consider:

Select Your Location

Rooftop solar is common, but unused parking lots or empty plots of land on your business premises can also be ideal. You can lease almost any type of large open space on your business premises for commercial solar. Contact us for a free site assessment and we can explain your options.

Get Comfy With Commitment

Solar lease agreements typically last a period of 20 or more years, which is well within the predicted lifespan of most solar panels. That said, you’ll want to be comfortable with that time commitment, and confident that your roof’s health will last.

Ask For An Expert Opinion

We can help you determine whether commercial solar leasing will work for your business property. Contact us for a free site assessment or for more details about how you can lease your business’s unused space to increase your revenue.

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