Dennis and Yarmouth Solar Panels Installed by My Generation Energy

Dennis and Yarmouth Solar Panel Installations

Dennis Solar Update

Founded in Brewster and based in Dennis, My Generation Energy is proud to have worked with hundreds of clients in Southeastern Massachusetts including those right nearby on the mid-Cape. Whether you stop at our office, drive by a local solar installation, or hear from a neighbor about their home or business PV panels, solar is increasing and to everyone’s benefit. My Generation Energy’s clients with solar in Dennis alone have already produced enough solar energy to power 918,820 TVs for an hour – something to think about the next time you’re watching the big game.


Yarmouth Solar Update

This mid-cape town that graces Cape Cod Bay to the north and Nantucket Sound to the south is now home to a number of solar installations. Residents are generating their own power with these systems that integrate perfectly with their Cape Cod homes. Summer, spring, fall, and yes even winter, these solar arrays are producing savings and benefits boosting the local economy. Less money sent out of the state – and out of the country – means a more prosperous local community. My Generation Energy solar installations in Yarmouth have now produced enough solar electricity to power 27.8 million CFL lightbulbs for an hour – a truly bright idea.

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