Eastham Solar Installation: Residential Solar on Cape Cod, MA

My Generation Energy installed this solar array on a home in Eastham, Massachusetts It’s apparent that this solar installation in Eastham, Massachusetts home will save its parents $3,800 every year! This Cape Cod rooftop solar array is responsible for generating over 10,246 kWh of clean energy annually.

Go solar, save money

Eastham people are passionate about protecting the planet, but solar can help them pinch their pennies, too. Boston.com states that “the average Massachusetts household can save an estimated $35,900 over the next 20 years by installing a rooftop solar system.” That chunk of change could go towards your child’s college tuition or wedding.

And just like children, every home & business is special. Seeing your unique location will help us give you a more accurate solar estimate. If you’re a Massachusetts resident or business owner, contact us for your free solar site assessment.

Making solar affordable

Your dad always told you to be wary of taking on debt. When it comes to solar, Consumer Reports agrees: “Buying your solar electric system outright is best.” But if you can’t afford solar’s up-front costs, look into the Mass Solar Loan program. Financing the cost of your solar installation can make payments more manageable. And even dear old Dad would agree: procuring a solar loan is a smarter financial decision than not going solar at all. Furthermore, we can help you submit the paperwork.

Real estate benefits

Planning to sell the family home someday? Solar panels will increase your home’s market value. Money magazine states that “solar panels raise a home’s value by 4.1%.” That should be enough to erase any lingering nostalgia or seller’s remorse.

The bottom line

Solar panels are like a super-mom. They give you everything: a low up-front cost, annual utility savings, and a better ultimate selling price. And they do it all while saving the world!

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