Outer Cape Solar Update: Provincetown, Truro, Eastham

The Outer Cape truly is at the end of the line when it comes to electricity.  It is the last stop on the grid. The more electricity we can make here, the less we have to transport from far away.  And, because solar electricity generation peaks at the same time that Cape Cod’s seasonal population peaks; solar is an ideal energy source for us.

Eastham Solar Update

Solar Power Rising in Eastham

For a town known for its beautiful sunrises over the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Eastham is also beginning to be known for the increasing use of solar power. Solar panels from North Eastham to the town center are becoming more common as homeowners and businesses seek to capture the significant savings from this most affordable of energy sources – the sun. To put their solar production in perspective Eastham residents with My Generation Energy solar installations have generated enough to power 20 electric vehicles for a year. Clean energy,  just another thing to look forward to every morning.

Truro Solar Update

Truro, Home to the Cape Cod National Seashore Also Now Home to Solar Power

You may not notice it immediately but Cape Cod’s smallest town is going big with solar. In fact according to Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources data Truro has some of the most solar installations per capita of any town on Cape Cod. My Generation Energy customers there are making a significant contribution having produced enough solar to power 31,358 water pumps for an hour – pretty refreshing.

Provincetown Solar Update

Outermost Provincetown Leading by Generating Solar

With the largest solar installation in Provincetown, The Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies, with their facility on Holway Ave, is leading the way demonstrating the possibilities of solar in this town to the north of Truro, Wellfleet, Eastham and the rest of Cape Cod.  Using solar power the Center is saving thousands with this proven technology. Already the facility has produced enough energy to keep 1,074,700 laptops running for an hour. No doubt those solar panels are powering a lot of marine research and education.

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