Plymouth Solar Update – 7/14/13

There are well over 15,000 solar panels installed by My Generation Energy, dotting the landscapes and roofs of Cape Cod, the Islands, Plymouth area, and the South Coast of Massachusetts.  That’s over 16 miles of solar panels stacked end to end, enough to completely line both sides of the Cape Cod Canal.

With so many solar panels already installed and more being installed all the time, we thought it would be nice to periodically showcase a handful of local towns.  Below you’ll see a solar update for Plymouth.

Plymouth Solar Update

Solar Benefiting Business in Plymouth – Catching the sun’s rays means real savings for businesses like Morrison’s Power Equipment in Plymouth. Utilizing a My Generation Energy solar installation the Long Pond Rd. business that services landscaping equipment, sells snow-blowers and everything in between can look forward to all kinds of weather and especially the sun. My Generation Energy solar installations in Plymouth have now produced some serious energy, enough in fact to power 18,598 computers for a day.

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