Power On at the Brewster Community Solar Garden® Project


Power On at the Brewster Community Solar Garden® Project

Cooperative Members to Begin Receiving Net Metering Credits

BREWSTER, Mass., February 13, 2012 — The Brewster Community Solar Garden® Project is now operational. In its first week converting sunshine into electricity, the facility generated 10,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. The value of the electricity will show up as a credit on the electric bills of the Cooperative members.

“It’s one of the most innovative concepts for the production of renewable energy,” observed Jillian Douglass, Brewster’s Assistant Town Manager. “It makes it accessible to regular folks. Anybody can buy into it, even if they don’t have a site at their home they can participate in solar energy by purchasing a share.”

After completing construction and receiving final inspection approvals, the 345.6 kilowatt photovoltaic electricity generation facility, located on Town of Brewster land, was interconnected to the electric transmission grid on February 3, 2012.

The system was built by My Generation Energy, Inc. after being awarded a bid to lease the town land and develop the solar facility. The company also created the non profit Brewster Community Solar Garden® Cooperative to allow local residents and businesses to benefit from the project’s electricity. Through “virtual net metering” the credit from the Community Solar Garden® utility account is transferred to the accounts of the Brewster Community Solar Garden® Cooperative members. Each member’s SunShareTM entitles them to the equivalent of 28 panels of energy each month. The facility provides enough locally grown solar energy to power dozens of businesses and households in Brewster. Membership inquiries may be directed to (508) 694-6884.

“It took some time to resolve the legal, financial and logistical issues to develop this first Community Solar Garden® Project,” said Luke Hinkle, President and CEO of My Generation Energy. “The support of the town and residents has been tremendous. Brewster now serves as our proof-of-concept for multiple, larger Community Solar Garden Projects planned in other Massachusetts communities.”

About My Generation Energy, Inc.

My Generation Energy is a privately held Brewster, Massachusetts-based company that provides extensive and professional solar PV development and installation services. The company is currently the largest PV provider on Cape Cod and growing rapidly.

About Brewster Community Solar Garden® Cooperative, Inc.

The Brewster Community Solar Garden® Cooperative, Inc. is a cooperative organization for Brewster residents and businesses coming together to achieve energy independence. Our mission focuses on local responsibility and benefits–economic, sustainability, and environmental. For many wanting to go solar but frustrated by shading, limited roof space, not owning their home, or the cost of system ownership, becoming a member of the Brewster Community Solar Garden® Cooperative may be just the thing.

Community Solar Garden is a registered trademark of Community Solar Gardens, LLC and used with permission.

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