Solar Case Study: Hingham High School

My Generation Energy
Solar Case Study

Hingham High School
Hingham, MA

11 solar modules of varying brands and outputs
3.5 kW array

After completing dozens of residential projects in & around Hingham area, solar installer My Generation Energy heard that an old solar array on the roof of Hingham High School was no longer functional. The original installer was no longer in business, so MGE came to the rescue, donating a new 11-panel system to the high school.

Unlike a traditional installation, MGE combined a variety of solar panel brands, inverters, and outputs for this project. Hingham students are thus able to analyze which combinations of equipment produce the most energy.

In addition to providing value to the school in the form of energy and education, this collaboration will also provide useful data about which solar equipment works best under a variety of conditions.

Solar Energy Saves Hingham High Money

The High School’s 11-panel installation will provide at least 25 years of free electricity. The system went online February 22, 2019 and has already provided over 4,200 kWh of power to the high school (as of December 2019). This has saved the school over $600 in energy costs so far!

Solar Array Provides Educational Benefits

The donation enables Hingham’s Green Team science class to learn how solar energy production varies by manufacturer, AC/DC ratio, season, and other factors. “We saw an opportunity to give these students the chance to take their learning outside of the classroom and see firsthand how solar energy works,” says Andrew Wade, President and CEO of My Generation Energy. “We hope this installation will pique the interest of students and help them uncover both personal and professional passions for renewable energy.” Students will measure which panel produces the highest amount of kWh per DC watt, whether the DC to AC ratio plays a role in annual production, which brands are most durable, and whether certain panels perform better in cold (or hot) temperatures.

Hingham’s Research Benefits Solar Customers

My Generation Energy had wanted to do an experiment like this for a long time. Students will provide their findings to MGE each year so the company can also learn from their analysis. In addition, MGE’s customers will benefit from this knowledge. The company will be able to optimize its equipment recommendations based on each customer’s unique project specifications.


MGE selected 4 different solar panel manufacturers for the 11-panel array: seven LG, two Hanwha, one Trina, and one Solaria. The panels vary between five outputs, ranging from 280 watts to 360 watts DC. All of the panels use Enphase microinverters (some IQ7, some IQ7+).


This donation gives more than just power to Hingham High School. Students and teachers will also extract data and a keen understanding of solar energy.

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