Solar Companies on the Cape: The Pros & Cons of Large Companies vs. Local Contractors

Congratulations, you’ve decided to go solar! While it is exciting, choosing a solar company can be a tough decision. The increase in popularity for residential solar has brought with it new companies offering solar installation throughout the Cape, and some of them are even big, national brands! But is bigger really better? We’ll look into the pros and cons of local vs national solar companies to help you make an informed decision about solar installers and find the right solar solutions for your Cape Cod home. 

Local Solar Companies Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Many national solar companies have technically completed more solar installations than local companies. However, they tend to only hire regional sales staff that use high-pressure tactics for their most expensive products. Once a sale is made, the sales staff disappears and is replaced with subcontractors that may or may not have the expertise needed to install solar efficiently. 

My Generation Energy is a local solar company providing full-service solar solutions to the South Coast, South Shore, and Cape Cod. You’ll work with the same representative from start-to-finish of your solar project, and even receive check-ins long after the installation is complete. Regardless of the size of your Cape Cod solar project, you can trust our team to make sure everything goes as it should. 

Local Solar Companies Know Local Incentives

Solar is an investment and local solar companies have a better understanding of the solar incentives and net metering options available to homeowners on the Cape. My Generation Energy is focused on helping you maximize your savings with solar installation and our team is composed of New England and Cape Cod natives that know the area inside and out, including the local permitting process. 

Get Customized Solar Solutions When You Go Local

Many national solar companies offer a wide variety of products, yet fall short when it comes to getting a solar system that is tailored to your home and its needs. As a local solar company, My Generation Energy will perform an assessment of your South East and Cape Cod home and energy consumption to make selecting a solar system straightforward and simple. From there, we will design a system using the best equipment, from the panels themselves down to each electrical component.

My Generation Energy: Trusted. Professional. Local. Experienced.

We pride ourselves in holding true to our slogan. Since 2008, My Generation Energy has done over 1,200 residential and commercial solar installations throughout Cape Cod and the surrounding area. We’re committed to making the entire process of going solar easy for our customers. Don’t just take our word for it, hear it from our customers.

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