Solar Electric Meets Design: A Practical Approach to Balancing Energy, Expertise, and Aesthetics; Tuesday April 5th 2011

On Tuesday, April 5, 2011 at 6pm, Luke Hinkle, Founder of My Generation Energy–a solar energy installation and development company–is meeting with local architects at the Design Initiative in Hyannis to discuss solar application and integration with architectural design. In addition, Luke will discuss how he integrates solar electric designs onto existing structures to create aesthetically pleasing buildings.

Recent developments in solar photovoltaic products make real the dream of a residence that generates its own energy needs for a lifetime. Throw in a few aggressive energy policies, financial incentives, and the prospect of exponential energy price growth, and well… it’s time to make it happen. The solar of today and tomorrow offers uncompromising safety, convenience, and all-around pleasure for the home.

The idea of using the sun to meet our energy needs in our buildings has been around for years. But not until recent environmental concern was there such a push to “Go Solar.” My Generation Energy and the Design Initiative fuse the construction sector with the solar industry, providing professional development in solar for architects advocating renewable energy. Now is a remarkable time for applying modern technology to our buildings. My Generation Energy, Inc. is leading the trend toward modern, integrated solar on Cape Cod with a professional, client-focused approach to the business.

Come and join us in working together to seamlessly fuse solar and design.

Discussion by: Luke Hinkle

Where: The Design Initiative Inc 68 Center St, Number 22, Hyannis 02601

When: Tuesday, April 5, 2011; 6pm -7:30pm *RSVP required to Mary-Ann Agresti at by noon April 4th

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