Solar in Brewster — Bluebird Delight

The Brewster Community Solar Garden® system began its operation just over two years ago in Brewster Massachusetts. This unique model for sharing the benefits of solar energy throughout a community is a first-of-its-kind success story. And now it gets even better.

When we found it, the site of the project was a former sand pit and unofficial refuse dump. But we have transformed the area, creating a special meadow and forest-edge habitat. Since the inception of this project, we have developed its character with the environment in mind. Through careful design–revegetation with native plants and grasses, areas to collect and retain rainwater, and most recently, bluebird  houses–we have created a perfect setting for birds and other forest-edge animals to call home.

The Brewster Community Solar Garden is a model in many ways. It demonstrates that Community Solar in Massachusetts works. It has become a benchmark for creating a beneficial local habitat while helping to solve global environmental challenges.

Brewster Community Solar Garden Bluebird

Male Bluebird at Brewster Community Solar Garden

Brewster Community Solar Garden Home to Bluebird

Home for Bluebirds and Solar

To learn more about Community Solar and how My Generation Energy has developed the Community Solar Garden model, please contact us by calling 508-694-6884 or by clicking contact us.

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