osterville ma cape cod solar installation

Like everything related to real estate, there are certain ways that you can maximize your benefits when selling a house with solar panels. Here are some things to keep in

my generation energy installed commercial solar for mashpee business.

Another Plymouth business has chosen commercial solar panel installation. This South Shore company’s unused roof space became a revenue stream that will save over $71,000 in electricity costs every year!

my generation energy friends academy solar install dartmouth ma

Founded shortly after the 2008 Landmark Green Communities Act by Luke Hinkle, My Generation Energy has been installing solar in Massachusetts since the beginning of commercial deployment of the technology.

My Generation Energy Habitat for Humanity Eastham MA residential solar

We recently installed a 6.84kW solar array on our first Habitat for Humanity project! With 24 panels producing clean energy, the new homeowners will be thrilled with the savings on

My Generation Energy Eastham Ace Hardware MA commercial solar

  We are very excited to share that Eastham Ace Hardware has just turned on their new solar system! With over 80 solar panels, we expect that it will produce around

hyannis home show 2016 booth for my generation energy

  We had a great weekend at the Hyannis Rotary Home Show this past weekend! We met a lot of great people and had fun talking about about solar! Shoutout

My Generation Energy Nauset Newcomers

My Generation Energy’s Andrew Wade led a wonderful presentation on the benefits of solar energy at the Nauset Newcomers monthly meeting held at the Wellfleet Cinemas. We had a great

back of home in plymouth, ma with a pool and a rooftop solar insulation.

  Even though the days are getting shorter, the sun is still shining bright on this 9 KW solar array in Plymouth.  Working around vent pipes is not a problem

Home with solar panel on the rooftop

  Theresa from Dennis had My Generation Energy install this 8 module system a couple weeks ago.  This solar-array will build up credits in the winter months (when electric usage

  There is no doubt that Spring has arrived in Brewster.  These two swallows are enjoying the view at the Brewster Community Solar Garden!

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