ground mounted solar installation in dartmouth, ma.

Solar Installation of the Week – Dartmouth

  My Generation Energy recently completed this residential installation in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. This row of 9 ground mounted panels and 4 roof mounted panels will produce over 4500 kilowatt hours of clean electricity each year! Jeff, the homeowner, will be

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back of home in plymouth, ma with a pool and a rooftop solar insulation.

Solar in Plymouth, MA

  Even though the days are getting shorter, the sun is still shining bright on this 9 KW solar array in Plymouth.  Working around vent pipes is not a problem for My Generation Energy, in fact the majority of our

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home in marion, ma with solar panels on rooftop

Marion, MA solar installation 10/21/2015

My Generation Energy doesn’t let evening shade bring down the performance of an entire system.  This Marion installation is a perfect example of the benefits that microinverters bring to a solar array.  While the bottom row of panels is shaded,

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Home in Bridgewater MA with solar panel on rooftop

Bridgewater Solar Installation- 8/27/2015

  My Generation Energy’s summer has been filled with solar installations, both residential and commercial.  Check out our latest installation for Tony and Lynn of Bridgewater! This 28 panel array will generate over 9,000 kilowatt hours of green electricity!

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Home with solar panel on the rooftop

Spring has arrived in Dennis!

  Theresa from Dennis had My Generation Energy install this 8 module system a couple weeks ago.  This solar-array will build up credits in the winter months (when electric usage is lower) and use up those credits in the summer

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Solar in Brewster

  There is no doubt that Spring has arrived in Brewster.  These two swallows are enjoying the view at the Brewster Community Solar Garden!

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