The Benefits of a Solar Career with My Generation Energy

Looking for a new career with a company that values their employees and makes a positive difference in the world? My Generation Energy is a local Cape Cod-based solar installer that’s always looking for new talent. Here are a few reasons why working for a solar company or solar installer is a good career choice and what makes My Generation Energy the local solar team to join.

1. We Offer Competitive Pay and Benefits

Working in the solar industry is a great way to make a living, and working with My Generation Energy is no exception! We want to grow our Cape Cod-based solar team with the best and brightest, and we offer competitive pay and generous health benefits both because we know it’s a good way to attract the talent we’re looking for and because it’s the right thing to do!

2. My Generation Energy Is a Great Place to Work

Not to toot our own horn too much, but we invest a lot of time and energy into making My Generation Energy a fun place to work. If you’re looking for a solar energy job near you with friendly co-workers and a team-oriented office environment, send us your resume to start the application process!

3. Solar Jobs Aren’t Limited to Just Solar Installers

Just because you work in the solar industry doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the person up on someone’s roof installing solar PV panels (though we’re definitely always looking for solar installers!). 


From sales and labor to office and support positions, there are a number of different solar energy career paths to choose from-and we’re interested in people who are interested in growing in their roles alongside the growth of our company! At My Generation Energy, we post our current open positions on our Careers page. Take a look and see if one of our open roles sounds like a good fit for you! 

4. Feel Good About an Industry Helping to Fight Climate Change

Isn’t it about time you worked for a company whose mission and values you actually believed in? At My Generation Energy, we’re proud of the work we and the rest of the solar energy industry do to reduce fossil fuel use, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and make the world an overall better and healthier place. 

5. Solar Energy Is the Future of Energy

Unlike other industries whose futures are uncertain, it’s undeniable that solar energy is going to play a bigger and bigger role in our lives moving forward. If you’re worried about job security in an industry on its way out, make the switch to a career in solar energy with My Generation Energy!

Find Solar Jobs Near You with My Generation Energy

Ready to take the next step and see what positions are available at My Generation Energy? Visit our Careers page to learn more about working for our company and to see a list of current openings with detailed job descriptions. Our offices are based in Hyannis, and we offer residential and commercial solar services throughout Cape Cod and the Islands as well as up and down eastern Massachusetts and throughout the greater Boston area.

Join the team of local solar experts at My Generation Energy. Apply via our Careers page.

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