This Solar Panel Upgrade Could Save You Even More: Critter Guards

Your solar install is complete, and your panels are cranking out energy (and savings). Why bother with an upgrade? If it ain’t broke…

It’s hard to prioritize a problem that doesn’t exist yet. That said, some solar upgrades can save you even more money by providing protection for what isn’t covered by your warranty.

Critters like squirrels can damage your solar array’s wiring, which can be costly to fix. To make matters even worse, the damage results in loss of energy production.

How to prevent critter damage to solar panels

One way to prevent critter damage is to frequently check under your solar panels to make sure there is no debris and that the wires are tight to the panels and not hanging down. If you see leaves or debris building up beneath the solar panels, consider carefully clearing them out or calling us to help with this service so squirrels don’t nest there.

However, if you don’t reside in your home off-season, or if you’d prefer not to worry about constantly checking your solar panels yourself, adding a critter guard can provide peace of mind.

Solar Panel Protection Upgrade

Our preferred critter guard for solar panels is effective yet low-profile, so it won’t stand out on your roof. Unlike some other solar panel critter guards, the technology we use doesn’t require drilling into your panels, which voids their warranty.

Solar panel critter guards are not 100% guaranteed, but they certainly help. When paired with solar panel seasonal inspection (which is always a good practice), they limit the risk of damage to your solar PV array.

The cost of critter guards varies based on solar PV system size, accessibility/pitch of the roof, and layout.

Contact us for a personalized critter guard quote or check out our other solar services and maintenance solutions.

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