Top 5 Solar Myths Debunked

Solar Myth #1

“The payback is too long”

Actually, the payback is now typically 4 to 6 years in Massachusetts; and much of value is returned within the first year. But achieving this rapid payback and continued savings is only possible if you use a quality solar installation company. A fast payback relies on an efficient, reliable system. And just as important, the economics depend on having a professional installation company who knows how to maximize your rebate, certificate sales, net metering credits and other incentives. My Generation Energy has been installing systems that routinely outperform their savings estimates since the incentive programs for solar began in 2008. Our professional staff processes all your paperwork to secure the financial benefits you deserve.  A rapid payback means decades of continued savings. The customers of My Generation Energy over the years will tell you that it worked for them.

Solar Myth #2

“All solar panels are made in China”

Fortunately, not all solar panels are Chinese-made. While it’s true that unethical business and trade practices have enabled China to dominate solar panel manufacturing in the past three years, not all panels are made in China. In fact, My Generation Energy is not installing panels made in China. We are using panels made by name-brand manufacturers like Sharp, LG and Hyundai, made in the United States and South Korea. We do pay a little more for these panels, but we believe it’s worth it. A long-term investment of this magnitude deserves equipment of the highest quality. We sincerely hope that a level playing field for world-wide manufacturing will be forthcoming and that is why we are choosing to support responsible solar panel manufacturers outside China.

Solar Myth #3

“Solar is too expensive”

Compared to paying electric bills for 25 years, solar is actually the less expensive option. In financial terms, solar is a one-time investment to avoid ongoing and uncertain expenses. Just think how much your next 25 years of electric bills will add up to—now that’s expensive. When you purchase a quality system, you are effectively purchasing decades of free electricity.

Owning solar also means you guard yourself against electric rates going up. Did you know that in just the first half of 2013, NSTAR rates increased by over 14% for typical homeowners? What will rates do for the next two decades? Solar provides a lower cost alternative to paying those blood-sucking electric bills for years to come. Solar electricity is the less expensive alternative.

Solar Myth #4

“You have to believe

In the early years of solar, the people with solar panels were “true believers.” It was more about being green than saving green. But now it’s not just for those on a higher mission, it’s for anyone who wants to do a sensible thing. As a customer of My Generation Energy, you don’t have to be of any particular political party, you don’t have to be an environmental activist, and you are welcome to believe whatever you like about global warming. If these issues are important to you, we’ll be happy to discuss them. On the other hand, if all you care about is saving money and sticking it to the utility, we get that too. At the end of the day, a solar panel will produce just as much electricity and savings regardless of your beliefs.

Solar Myth #5

“Massachusetts doesn’t get enough sun”

It’s true that Arizona gets more sunshine than Massachusetts. So why is Massachusetts one of the top states for solar installations?  Because a solar panel operating in Massachusetts makes more sense than it would just about anywhere else in the United States. Why? Two reasons: the cost of electricity in Massachusetts is among the highest in the nation and the progressive incentive programs here in the Commonwealth make solar even more attractive.  Financially, solar makes more sense here than in most of the rest of the county…including the so-called “sunbelt” states. But what about the sunshine here?

A study done by the University of Central Florida rated solar effectiveness throughout the US, and found that Cape Cod is capable of producing as much solar electricity as Northern California, Texas, and Southern Florida.  One explanation for this is photovoltaic solar panels are more efficient in cooler temperatures, much like a computer chip needs a fan to stay cool in order to optimize performance.  Another fact, a solar panel in Southeastern New England will produce about 85% of the electricity it would in Arizona. Not bad at all. And of course the electricity it produces offsets the much higher electrical rates. So indeed, Massachusetts gets plenty of sun to make solar a worthwhile investment.

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