What is an inverter?

A photovoltaic (PV) solar panel converts the light energy to electrical direct current (DC) energy, but the electrical power in your house is alternating current (AC). The inverter gets its name for the way it takes a direct flow of electricity and flips it up-side-down then back up-right. It does this in a nice smooth wave exactly 60 times every second. It’s the electrical equivalent of converting a river flow of water into waves; rivers and waves both have energy, just a different way of delivering it. Modern inverters are very sophisticated devices. They typically have 95% or better efficiency, they can report how much power they are converting, and they are reliable and maintenance-free. My Generation Energy uses micro-inverter technology, where each panel has a dedicated inverter. This delivers optimal performance of the entire system and provides pinpoint reporting of electricity production. Click here to learn why we recommend micro-inverters.

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