Residential Incentives

The Federal and State Governments have recently enacted dramatic legislation to provide incentives for alternative energy. With these tax credits and rebates for photovoltaic (PV) systems, your upfront cost is substantially reduced.

State of Massachusetts

Income Tax Credit of 15%

($1000 cap)

Property Tax Exemption

(on system value for a term of 20 years)

Sales Tax Exemption

(on all equipment)

Beneficial Net Metering Regulations

(receive full credit for electricity value)

Owning a solar system just got easier with the help of the Mass Solar Loan.

Federal Government

Income Tax Credit of 30% applied to total cost of system with no cap

A major portion of your system cost is offset by these incentives in the first year!


Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)

Bonus For The Green Energy You Produce

This Is In Addition To Saving On Your Utility Bill

You Get $200 to $300 For Every MWh (1000 kWh) You Produce

SRECs Are Paid To You In Cash

SRECs Are A Valuable MA State Incentive

What are SRECs?

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) are created by solar electric systems in service since 2010. The concept of a renewable energy certificate is a bit strange at first glance. The very act of producing green energy is rewarded, no matter where or how it is consumed. These certificates are traded on an open market. The market for SRECs is driven by new state regulations which require utility and electricity generation companies to purchase a certain amount of SRECs or pay a costly penalty. This economic incentive rewards the owners of solar facilities and drives further development of renewable energy.

Renewable energy systems have been making and selling regular RECs for years. However, SRECs created by new solar projects deliver a much higher value.

SREC Aggregation

As your My Generation Energy system generates electricity, it also creates corresponding Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs). These certificates, while virtual, are worth real money. We help you claim them and sell them for the significant value you deserve. Amazingly, the SRECs a system creates are actually worth more than the electricity it generates. You do not want to miss out on this. We’ll make sure your system’s SRECs are properly recorded and sold.

Site Analysis

Assessment includes evaluating the solar potential. Determining the best, most effective location and design for your system is critical to any alternative energy project. During the site assessment we determine the optimal placement and orientation of photovoltaic panels and select electrical inverters to enable the most efficient design. We use special instruments and calculation methods to evaluate the solar potential at your site and estimate the energy production throughout the year. On the consumption side of this balance, we evaluate your electrical needs based on historical and projected energy use. We then provide you with a summary of this analysis and present options for systems that balance your energy generation potential with your projected energy use.

The result of this analysis is an easy-to-understand report that allows you to select the system that best suits your needs and fits your lifestyle.

My Generation Energy Abe Boyle with Customer

System Design

We are among the few installers that routinely build systems that we also own.

As the old phrase goes, “We eat our own cooking.” That mentality is applied to every system we build.

Each design decision is made as if we are going to live with that decision for years. Take wire sizing for example. The electric code is written to ensure the system doesn’t present a fire hazard. If we were to simply follow the minimum requirements of the code, the system would be perfectly safe, but it would not be efficient. Selecting wires that just meet code will cause a system to lose several percent of the power it produces in its own wires. Think about that. Why work so hard to make electricity and then waste it? We carefully size wires to minimize transmission losses. But how should the wire size be optimized? After all, copper isn’t free. We determine the proper wire size so that its economics match those for the entire system. For example, we balance the cost of the increased wire size against the value of carrying power more efficiently for five years. So like the entire system, the “extra copper” pays for itself in five years, everything it saves after that is bonus.

Some might call this overanalyzing. We call it good engineering.


Dependable equipment, installed right.

We install only the best photovoltaic (PV) panels, inverters, hardware, and electrical components.

We select equipment with the longest warranties in the business, zero maintenance, and dependable performance. We work with industry leading suppliers and don’t take chances on off-brand equipment. Our systems use only stainless steel fasteners. To achieve this, we even replace/upgrade the screws that come with standard-service electrical equipment. Our commitment to quality also shows in our compulsive need to use structural and electrical components that exceed the code requirements.

These systems are our legacy. We intend for them to function perfectly for years and years.

We install solar photovoltaic systems like those we have on our own homes. It’s our Golden Rule.

Monitoring and Support

With no moving parts, how do you know if it’s working?

At a glance, you’ll know exactly how well it’s working. And so will we. With every system we install, My Generation Energy provides on-line monitoring service. This is visual, pinpoint information at your fingertips. The performance of every panel is displayed and archived every minute of every day. If there ever is a problem, we’ll know it before you have to think about it. It’ll be diagnosed and solved. There’s no guessing or wondering about how well your system is working.

Click here to monitor an active solar energy system in real time!

About Us

We provide start-to-finish full service. What does that mean? We assess your solar potential and clearly explain the financial benefits you can expect. After you decide what’s best for you, we do the rest. Hundreds of customers across the region are thrilled with their decision to install solar panels with the team at My Generation Energy.

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