My Generation Energy Abe Boyle with Customer Solar Site Assessment

A solar site assessment is an important step in the solar installation process that allows a solar company to evaluate the specific conditions of your property (such as shading, roof

Solar array on a home in Harwich, MA. Cape Cod solar company My Generation Energy installed this system.

This solar array in Harwich (on Cape Cod) will provide an estimated 5,611 kWh of renewable energy annually. As a result, its owner will save over $2,000 each year! Contact

Cape Cod Times Editorial on March 8th, 2011 Landfills offer fertile grounds for solar panels . As residents in Falmouth and Brewster continue to debate wind turbines, a quiet option

Brewster solar installation owner, Richard Wolf, discusses how his solar system has affected his monthly electric bill and has generated savings for his home. “We’re getting more than we expected.”

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