shingled house with rooftop solar panels

As we say good-bye to our winter coats, and welcome in spring flowers, our long, dark, chilly’ish winter has finally come to an end! With more hours of sunlight, our

house with a roof top solar installation

Have you been thinking about going solar for a while? Now is the time to take action! The cost of solar PV panels is going down, and there are some

house with rooftop solar panels

The homeowners of this Centerville residential solar installation will save over $3,191 annually! This Cape Cod solar array stands to generate more than 9,670 kWh of clean solar energy each

solar panels atop commercial building

Adding solar energy to your Cape Cod or Southeastern MA business is good for the environment, helping your company reduce its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions while using electricity

My Generational Energy solar consultant discussing financial benefits with two clients

First things first: It’s time to celebrate! In August, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 was passed, a landmark piece of legislation covering healthcare, tax law, and climate. While there

My Generation Energy Solar Plymouth Install

Many Massachusetts homeowners and businesses thinking about upgrading to solar wonder: Is it better to go solar now, or hold out in the hopes that the next best thing will

commercial solar installation by my generation energy

Upgrading to solar electricity offers one of the best ways for your company to cut back on operating expenses. After all, you’ll be using the same amount of electricity as

does solar increase costs for other energy users?

If you’ve ever read about renewable energy on your local online message board, you’ve probably heard the claim that solar increases electricity costs for everyone else. The utilities’ trade association

dennis ma cape cod solar installation

Looking back on 2020… it was certainly a year when… well, it was a time for real reflection and… Ah, who are we kidding, who isn’t looking forward to leaving

This home's solar installation paid for itself in just 4.5 years! Residential solar installation in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Installed by My Generation Energy.

The system paid for itself after approximately 4.5 years. This South Shore family’s five-year net financial benefit has nearly reached $4,000 already.

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