My Generation Energy Abe Boyle with Customer Solar Site Assessment

A solar site assessment is an important step in the solar installation process that allows a solar company to evaluate the specific conditions of your property (such as shading, roof

My Generation Energy's solar installer connecting microinverters on a residential rooftop solar installation in Massachusetts

What are inverters? Solar panels convert light to electrical direct current (DC) energy. However, the electrical power in your house is alternating current (AC). Inverters transform the energy that your

Chatham home with solar panels by My Generation Energy

Selling a home with solar panels can result in significant financial benefits. After all, solar panels raise a home’s value by 4.1% on average, according to Money. However, the onus

close-up of solar critter guard installed on residential home in massachusetts - My Generation Energy

Your solar install is complete, and your panels are cranking out energy (and savings). Why bother with an upgrade? If it ain’t broke… It’s hard to prioritize a problem that

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