Thanksgiving, a time of gratitude and gathering with loved ones, is also an opportunity to reflect on our energy consumption and explore ways to make our festivities more sustainable. In

Did you know that mid-spring is when solar energy production is at it’s highest?  That’s why installing solar panels before this peak production period can be a smart decision for

A home in Chatham MA (on Cape Cod) with solar panels.

As Massachusetts continues to work towards a cleaner energy future, solar power has emerged as a popular and sustainable choice for homeowners. While the upfront cost of installing solar panels

This weekend marks the end of daylight savings, and as the days grow shorter, we wanted to discuss something bright to keep our minds off the impending darkness that sets

As the urgency to address climate change continues to grow, renewable energy sources have emerged as a crucial component in the transition towards a sustainable future. Among these sources, solar

We need electricity for everything. You may even need it to charge your car!  From appliances and air conditioning to TVs, computers, cell phones, and illuminating your home or business—all

Investing in solar energy has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike, offering numerous benefits such as reduced energy costs, environmental sustainability, and potential financial returns. However,

Electric vehicles (EVs) are everywhere, and as EVs continue to gain popularity, more and more homeowners are exploring sustainable ways to power their vehicles. One effective solution is to leverage

The demand for clean and sustainable energy continues to rise and many business owners in Massachusetts are considering the switch to solar power. Investing in commercial solar not only helps

As renewable energy continues to gain popularity, many homeowners in Massachusetts are considering solar power as a viable option to reduce their carbon footprint and save on their electricity bills.

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