Chatham Commercial Solar: Solar for Cape Cod Businesses

chatham commercial solar installation at stage harbor marine. Installed by My Generation Energy of Cape Cod Stage Harbor Marine in Chatham, MA is the latest Cape Cod business to benefit from commercial solar panel installation. Adding solar to this roof transformed an unused space into a revenue stream for the owner of this popular marina.

The powerhouse array shown here produces 165,155 kWh of clean energy every year. That’s enough to offset the carbon emissions from 128,666 pound of coal burned!

Reduce the cost of doing business

In addition to lowering your company’s carbon footprint, commercial solar installation can help Chatham business owners save money. Want to know how much your business could save? Contact us, your local commercial solar company, for a free, no-contact site assessment so we can provide you with an accurate solar estimate.

Affordable solar

Federal & state governments provide generous incentives to business owners who own their solar arrays outright. Companies that complete solar installations in 2020 receive a 26% federal tax credit. In addition, accelerated depreciation (MACRS) allows further tax benefits.

Green your business

Going solar is a financial no-brainer for businesses, but reducing greenhouse gases is just as important. In addition, customers seek out environmentally-friendly businesses. Forbes states that “consumers are looking for more environmental accountability from companies, and some are willing to pay extra for more sustainable products.”

Try Commercial Solar for Free

If you have a large commercial or industrial building and want to generate income & help the environment without incurring the up-front costs of owning solar outright, ask us about commercial solar leasing.

Commercial solar leases allow business owners to lease unused property or roofs for solar installations.

As the property owner, you aren’t responsible for payments or maintenance, but you also won’t enjoy all the tax benefits of owning the system. You will, however, receive either a discounted rate on electricity or a straight cash payment for the next 20 years.

If exploring a solar lease interests you, check out this article or contact us for more information.

The bottom line

Commercial solar provides plentiful utility savings and a leg up on the green business movement. Thus, Cape Cod businesses like this one in Chatham are wise to consider it.

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