How Do I Protect My Solar Panels from Animals and Snow?

One of the major benefits of solar panels installation is how well-made they are and how little maintenance they require. Solar panels-especially the industry-leading panels chosen by My Generation Energy for installation on Cape Cod homes-are constructed to withstand most major weather events and other normal occurrences that a Massachusetts homeowner might encounter.

There are however precautions you can take to reduce the risk of damage from local critters or to minimize the risk of personal injury due to heavy snow accumulation. Here are some solar panel maintenance and damage-prevention tips you can take advantage of today: 

The Benefits of Installing Critter Guards for Solar Panels 

close-up of solar critter guard installed on residential home in massachusetts - My Generation Energy
Critter Guard Solar Installation

Squirrels, chipmunks, birds-these animals can cause no end of disturbance around a home, and unfortunately, your solar panels are no exception. Left unchecked, squirrels and chipmunks can gnaw through solar panel wiring, and bird waste or nests can cover and prevent your panels from achieving maximum efficiency.

The best way to prevent critters from mucking up your panels is with critter guard installation. These guards prevent animals from getting underneath your panels where they’re likely to do the most damage. Critters guard can extend the lifespan of your solar panels and ensure they’ll continue operating efficiently for years to come.

Do You Need Snow Guards for Your Solar Panels?

A little snow isn’t going to hurt your solar panels-heck, not even a lot will! Solar panels with snow on them aren’t a performance issue-the sun will quickly melt the snow off, so there’s no real reason to take further action to keep snow off your solar panels. 

However, snow can build up and accumulate on panels until it suddenly slides off all at once. The average solar panel can actually hold as much as 800 pounds of snow, which is no laughing matter if you’re in the line of fire! Snow guard installation prevents snow from falling off your panels all at once, making your home safer.

Upgrade Your Home’s Solar Panels This Fall

Just because you already have solar panels installed on your Fall River or Plymouth, Massachusetts home doesn’t mean that it’s too late to improve them. Upgrades like snow and critter guards will help keep the performance of your solar energy system high, reduce the risk of personal injury, and avoid having to call a solar company out to your home for solar panel repair.

My Generation Energy goes beyond just solar installation-we help local Massachusetts homeowners with every aspect of their solar journey, including solar panel services and maintenance long after the original install. Have a question about our solar services? Our qualified team of solar experts is here to help.

Are your solar panels ready for winter? Protect your panels with critter and snow guard installation

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