Solar Case Study: Cape Cod Children’s Place

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PPA Solar Case Study

Cape Cod Children’s Place
Eastham, MA

52 micro-inverters
52 LG solar modules
17.42 kW array

Nonprofits must constantly raise capital to devote to their missions. Earmarking precious funds for solar investment isn’t always an option, but reducing operating expenses (like utilities) is crucial. This solar case study examines how the Cape Cod Children’s Place (CCCP) partnered with My Generation Energy and Luminous Solar LLC to solve this quandary.

A non-profit resource, referral and education center, CCCP provides high-quality care, support, and advocacy for families with young children in order to sustain a healthy community for Cape Cod’s future. 

My Generation Energy presented a way for CCCP to go solar at no cost through the use of a solar lease (PPA). It’s usually best to buy your solar array outright, but ownership may not be financially feasible for some nonprofits. By using a partner like Luminous, local nonprofits can reap the benefits of going solar. This also keeps energy dollars within the community, thus improving the Cape’s environment and economy.

the Cape Cod Children's Place solar array, installed by My Generation Energy

Effectiveness, Savings, and Environmental Impact

CCCP’s 52-panel array went online on November 20, 2018. Local installer My Generation Energy estimated that the system would generate 23,000 kWh within the first year. As of November 20, 2019, it exceeded that estimate by 100 kWh, producing a total of 23,100 kWh.

The best part? Without any investment, CCCP saved $2,500 in just one year. As a result, instead of spending that money on utilities, they can reinvest it into programs serving Cape Cod’s communities. An extra $2,500 every year can go a long way.

In addition, the CCCP’s switch to solar removed 18 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. That’s equivalent to offsetting the emissions from 1,830 gallons of gasoline or 17,781 pounds of coal.

Local Benefits

Many solar companies won’t partner with small nonprofits because the ROI isn’t as high as it is for larger commercial installations. But for those that do, it creates a win-win solution, keeping dollars circulating in the local economy and decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions that power local businesses. Businesses of any size can go solar if they partner with a company that sees the bigger picture.

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