Solar for Cape Cod Affordable Housing: MGE + Habitat for Humanity

Making Affordable Solar a Reality through a Community Partnership

Cape Cod‘s high housing cost makes it hard for local residents to stay in the community. And New England’s high electricity costs further burden Cape residents. Solar seems like a wonderful solution for Cape Cod affordable housing, but can it be done from a financial standpoint?

My Generation Energy began working with Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod in 2016 to solve some of these issues. Since that time, MGE and Habitat have partnered to put solar arrays on a total of nine Habitat-built homes – one in Eastham, two in Dennis, four in Marstons Mills, and two new homes in Wellfleet that are expected to be energized by March.

Discounts Encourage Donations

The partnership works likes this: My Generation Energy provides the solar panels, microinverters, and installation at a discounted price. Habitat can then leverage that arrangement to persuade its donors that contributing towards project costs is a good investment.

Cape Cod Habitat for Humanity solar array Electric Bills Eliminated for Homeowners

The nine Habitat home solar arrays are all about the same size, ranging from 22 to 24 panels. They completely offset the homeowners’ electricity costs.

For example, the array on one of the Dennis homes generated 3.04 MWh of power in the last six months. As a result, this array will return an average electric bill savings of $122 per month. As we approach spring and summer, solar’s most productive times of the year, that production will likely increase.

Everybody Benefits

“It’s a win, win, win,” said My Generation Energy President Andrew Wade. “We get to add to our portfolio of giving back to the community. Habitat is able to find donors to help it achieve its goals. And the homeowners eliminate their electricity bills, making it easier for them to live and work on Cape Cod.”

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