Solar Maintenance Services

Solar Maintenance Services

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About Solar Panel Maintenance Services

My Generation Energy solar installation team working on solar racking

Solar panels can last up to 25 years and rarely need maintenance. In the unlikely event something goes wrong with your panels, it is often still under warranty.

As your system approaches the end of its productive life, we can help you keep it in working order. Even if we didn’t install your panels, we can still service & maintain them.

Contact us today if your solar array needs service, or to learn more about our solar panel maintenance offerings.

Examples of solar panel maintenance services offered include:

Critter Guard

Protect the wiring under the panels from animals

Snow Clips

Prevent snow from sliding off panels, causing damage or danger


Removal and Reinstallation of panels for re-roofing

System Check-Up

A technician will ensure everything is working properly and looks good

Donate your used solar panels

When it’s finally time to replace your array, consider donating your used panels to MGF.

About Us

We provide start-to-finish full service. What does that mean? We assess your solar potential and clearly explain the financial benefits you can expect. After you decide what’s best for you, we do the rest. Hundreds of customers across the region are thrilled with their decision to install solar panels with the team at My Generation Energy.


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