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Understanding Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for Solar in Massachusetts

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in solar power as a means to combat climate change and...
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Embracing Solar Power: A Key Component of a Sustainable Lifestyle

In recent years, the importance of living sustainably and reducing our carbon footprint has gained significant attention. One crucial aspect...
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Tapping into Sunshine: The Rise of Solar Energy in Massachusetts

Ask any New Englander, and most of them will agree that Massachusetts is unique, and not just because of its...
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Harnessing Solar Power: Why It’s a Great Option for Nonprofits

As nonprofits strive to make a positive impact in their community and beyond, they face numerous challenges, including managing limited...
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How to Determine If Solar Panels Are Right for Your Business

In recent years, solar energy has gained significant attention as a sustainable and cost-effective solution for businesses. Installing solar panels...
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Embrace the End of Summer: The Top 3 Reasons Why Now is the Perfect Time to Go Solar!

As the summer season winds down, you might be wondering about the next steps to enhance your home's energy efficiency...
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Are Solar Panels Free in Massachusetts?

"Companies around Massachusetts are offering free solar panel installation!"  Sound familiar? The idea seems great, but unfortunately, if it sounds...
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Owning Or Leasing? 6 Advantages of Purchasing Residential Solar

At My Generation Energy, we believe that when you go solar, you should own your system outright. When considering residential...
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My Generation Energy is named a 2023 Top Solar Contractor

With the United States receiving significant federal support of solar and storage in the Inflation Reduction Act, excitement for the...
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