Hyannis Commercial Solar Installation: Cape Cod Commercial Solar Leasing

Hyannis commerical solar leasing project on Cape Cod by My Generation Energy Commercial Solar

If your business has unused space (on the roof or otherwise), why not turn it into energy savings, like this Hyannis commercial solar installation did?

The office park at 100 Independence Drive in Hyannis recently partnered with My Generation Energy and Monomoy Energy to take advantage of a commercial solar lease. It’s usually best to buy your solar array outright, but ownership may not be financially possible for every business or landowner. By using a partner like Monomoy Energy, local companies can reap the benefits of solar without a significant cost outlay. This also keeps energy dollars within the community and improves the Cape’s environment and economy.

What is a commercial solar lease?

Commercial solar leases are agreements that allow business or property owners to lease their roofs (or other unused space) for solar installations. The lessor isn’t responsible for any payments or maintenance, and installation is free of cost. That said, lessors won’t receive the tax benefits of owning the system. They will, however, get either a discounted rate on electricity or a cash payment for the next 20 years.

Go solar, save the climate and some cash

But as noted, it’s not only the planet you’ll save by adding solar to your home, business, or commercial property. You’ll be saving money on your electricity as well.

Every location is unique, so a site assessment will help us give you an accurate solar estimate. We are currently offering free, no-contact or remote site assessments, so please contact us, your local commercial solar company, if you’re interested in learning more.

The bottom line

Commercial solar leases, like this one, offer business owners significant annual utility savings as well as an opportunity to feel good about their business’s carbon footprint.

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