Solar for Nonprofits: Chatham Commercial Solar Installation

solar for nonprofits in chatham MA on Cape Cod. Installation and design by My Generation Energy We love installing solar for nonprofits. St. Christopher’s Church in Chatham recently chose to go solar with us. Now, this Cape Cod church’s roof saves the organization $12,500 in annual electricity costs. Their commercial solar panel installation will produce over 36,000 kWh of clean energy each year – enough to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from more than 28,500 pounds of coal burned.

A local landmark

St. Christopher’s Church has welcomed worshipers since the 1960s, but the building’s history extends far beyond that. The church was built circa 1879 and has served as a notable landmark in Chatham ever since, offering services as well as special events and community outreach and support.

Reduce electricity costs

Commercial solar installation can reduce local nonprofits’ operating expenses, helping them save money. In addition, solar for nonprofits can lower your Cape Cod business’s carbon footprint. Contact us, your local commercial solar company, to find out how much you could save. Our site assessments are free & no contact!

Solar tax benefits

St. Christopher’s decided to own their solar panels outright. We recommend this approach because it allows companies to take advantage of the generous federal & state solar incentives that make commercial solar such a smart investment. For example, companies that go solar in 2020 receive a 26% federal tax credit. In addition, accelerated depreciation (MACRS) permits even greater tax benefits.

Customers prefer green businesses

Going solar makes smart financial business sense, but combating climate change is just as important. In addition, the populace is seeking out environmentally-friendly businesses now more than ever before. According to Forbes, “consumers are looking for more environmental accountability from companies.” By going solar, you help your congregants, consumers, or customers feel good about choosing your organization.

Solar for nonprofits

As noted above, owning your commercial solar system will give you the greatest financial benefit. That said, a commercial solar lease sometimes makes sense. For example, if your nonprofit can’t afford the up-front costs of owning solar outright, but you want to save on electricity and green your company, you might consider a commercial solar lease.

As the property owner, you won’t be responsible for payments or maintenance, but you also can’t enjoy the tax benefits of owning the system. You will, however, receive either a discounted rate on electricity or a straight cash payment for the next 20 years.

Check out this article or contact us for more information if a solar lease appeals to you.

Why choose solar for your business or nonprofit?

Solar offers incredible financial benefits to all types of businesses. In addition, it allows your business to be a part of the clean energy movement. Thus, Cape Cod nonprofits & companies like this one in Chatham are wise to consider it. Our team at My Generation Energy can help you in your efforts to become a more sustainable nonprofit organization.



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