Wellfleet Commercial Solar: Cape Cod Commercial Solar Installation

Wellfleet Preservation Hall commercial solar installation by My Generation Energy We recently completed this Wellfleet commercial solar installation on beautiful Preservation Hall. This Cape Cod nonprofit’s unused roof space will now generate over $5,000 in electricity savings every year! Prez Hall’s new solar array will produce enough clean energy to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from more than 1.4 million smartphones charged each year.

Support the arts

We are big believers in supporting the arts. To that end, we’ve sponsored multiple musical events at Preservation Hall in the past. In 2016, we sponsored Emily Wade Adams‘s tribute to Amy Winehouse there, and just last year in 2019, we sponsored New York City’s Café Society jazz quintet when they brought their Nancy Wilson Tribute to Prez Hall. In 2020, most live performances were cancelled due to the pandemic, slowing events at venues like this one. Event venues need all the savings they can get this year. We are happy we could partner with Preservation Hall in a different way this year.

Reduce electricity costs with solar

Commercial solar can lower local businesses’ carbon footprints. In addition, solar can help Cape Cod nonprofits and companies save money. Contact us to find out how much you could save. Our site assessments are free & no-contact!

Solar tax benefits

Wellfleet Preservation Hall decided to own their solar panels outright. We generally recommend this approach whenever possible, because it allows companies to take advantage of the generous federal & state solar incentives that make commercial solar a no-brainer. For example, companies that go solar in 2020 receive a 26% federal tax credit. In addition, accelerated depreciation (MACRS) permits even greater tax benefits.

Customers prefer green businesses

Going solar makes smart financial business sense, but combating climate change is just as important. In addition, customers are actively looking for environmentally-friendly businesses now more than ever before. According to Forbes, “consumers are looking for more environmental accountability from companies, and some are willing to pay extra for more sustainable products.” By going solar, you help your customers feel good about choosing your services.

Solar for non-profits

As noted above, owning your commercial solar system will give you the greatest financial benefit. That said, commercial solar leasing sometimes makes sense. For example, if your nonprofit can’t afford the up-front costs of owning solar outright, but you want to save on electricity and green your company, you might consider a commercial solar lease.

As the property owner, you won’t be responsible for payments or maintenance, but you also can’t enjoy the tax benefits of owning the system. You will, however, receive either a discounted rate on electricity or a straight cash payment for the next 20 years.

Learn more about commercial solar leasing or contact us for more information if a solar lease appeals to you.

Why choose commercial solar for your business or nonprofit

Solar provides immense financial benefits to all types of businesses. In addition, it allows your company to be a part of the green business movement. Thus, Cape Cod nonprofits & businesses like this one in Wellfleet are wise to consider it.

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