Solar Energy & Installations
on the South Shore

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Save money while preserving the South Shore’s environment.

Why should you pay more than you have to for energy to power your home or business? What’s more, why use outdated energy sources from fossil fuels that can damage Plymouth County’s beautiful natural resources? Now that solar is cheaper than coal, it’s time to go green - and we can help!

Homeowners in Kingston, Duxbury, Pembroke, and other South Shore towns have selected My Generation Energy’s solar services for over 10 years, thanks to our commitment to quality and excellent customer service. In 2018 and 2019, Solar Power World named us one of the top solar developers in Massachusetts.

If you’re ready to start saving money and the environment, contact us today to see if solar will work for you!


State Incentives


Income Tax Credit of 15%

($1000 cap)


Property Tax Exemption

(on system value for a term of 20 years)


Sales Tax Exemption

(on all equipment)


Beneficial Net Metering Regulations

(receive full credit for electricity value)


SMART Incentives

Pays Massachusetts residents and businesses cash for green energy production.


MASS Solar Loan

Owning a solar system just got easier with the help of the Mass Solar Loan.




Income Tax Credit of 26% 

Applied to total cost of system with no cap.

A major portion of your system cost is offset by these incentives in the first year!

In addition to residential solar, we offer the following services:

Want solar for your business? Learn more about our Commercial and Nonprofit offerings.

Outsmart winter storms with a solar battery storage device.

Are your old solar panels in need of a little love? Find out more about our Service & Maintenance offerings.



Moving & want to recycle your solar panels? Get a tax deduction by donating them to MGF, coming soon.

Can’t buy your own solar panels? Try investing in a Community Solar Garden instead.

About Us

We provide start-to-finish full service. What does that mean? We assess your solar potential and clearly explain the financial benefits you can expect. After you decide what’s best for you, we do the rest. Hundreds of customers across the region are thrilled with their decision to install solar panels with the team at My Generation Energy.


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