Do Solar Panels Produce Energy on Rainy Days?

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Southeastern Massachusetts is no stranger to the whims of the weather. Even our rainy days bring a unique charm to the area.  During a rainy stretch of weather, the team at My Generation Energy often gets asked if solar panels will produce energy when the weather is unfavorable.  While Solar energy production can be affected by cloudy and rainy days, it does not completely stop. Here’s why:

1. Direct sunlight vs. diffuse sunlight: Solar panels generate electricity by harnessing sunlight. While direct sunlight is the most effective for energy production, solar panels can still generate electricity using diffuse sunlight. Diffuse sunlight scatters in the atmosphere and reaches the Earth’s surface even on cloudy days.

2. Light penetration through clouds: Clouds can reduce the intensity of sunlight reaching the solar panels. However, even on cloudy days, some light can still penetrate the clouds and reach the panels, allowing for some power generation.

3. Advanced solar technology: Solar panels have varying efficiency levels, which determine how effectively they convert sunlight into electricity. Most modern solar panels have high efficiency ratings, meaning they can generate electricity even under less-than-ideal sunlight conditions. This allows them to produce energy on cloudy or rainy days.

4. Rainwater cleaning effect: Rain can have a positive effect on solar panel performance. It helps remove dust, dirt, and other debris that may have accumulated on the panels, which can improve their efficiency once the rain has passed.


Advancements in solar technology and innovative solutions have made it possible to generate power even when the sun is not shining brightly. Generating solar power on cloudy and rainy days is not only possible but also becoming increasingly efficient and reliable.  With advanced technology, along with the integration of energy storage systems, solar power can be harnessed–even when the weather is unfavorable.  

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